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2" THICK BASES offer a beautiful and dramatic edge configuration that compliments almost any piece.  We can make most of our base styles in 2" thick upon request.  To determine the price, double the price of the same base in the same size in 1-1/2" thick.
Assorted 2" Thick Bases

Water Resin is a clear polymer coating that reflects the latest development in a chemically reactive clear ploymer, that gives an outstanding glasslike and resistant finish to wood, plastic, paper, formica, metal, fabrices, etc. Recommended for indoor use only. Water Resin makes an excellent simulation of water or puddles, and works great in any of our Recessed Bases.
WaterResin is available in:
16 Ounces (Catalog #327-HMW-3)    $19.75
  8 Ounces (Catalog#327-1HMW-03) $12.75

HABITAT MEDIA available in course or fine, our habitat media is mixed with Elmers Glue and water and provides an attrative ground cover.
Coarse:  Catalog #325-HMB-1  $2.05
Fine:      Catalog #326-HMB-2  $2.05

LEAF PAPER: One of our most popular products since its discovery in 1982! Made specifically for Blue Ribbon Bases, this paper has industrial strength yet is thin, flexible and suitable for bdetail burning and painting with both oils and acyrlics. Specific instructions, "How to Make Leaves" and leaf diagrams are provided with each order. 10 Pieces(6"x6") per pack.  
Catalog #324-TLP-0606, $2.05.

MANZANITA BURL: No two pieces are exactly alike.  Great for various mountings to give a unique, unusual and dynamic effect.  Sorry, currently unavailable.

CRAFT SCISSORS: These hard edged scissors are great for cutting wire, brass & copper sheets and plastics. Catalog #070-01, $19.95.


DISPLAY TURNTABLES: Battery Powered by two flash light batteries, these display turntables add motion to your displays. Rotates for weeks with balanced loads. Plastic, concealed on/off switch. Black Only.
Small:  5" Diameter x 2-3/8" High - Supports 2lbs., 2 RPM.   Catalog #070-06 $21.95
Large:  6-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 2-3/4" High - Supports 8lbs, 3 RPM. Catalog #070-05 $28.95

CORK TABS: Cork tabs are ideal for the bottom of bases, as well as under lamps, vases, etc. to protect table tops and other surfaces from scratches.  20 pieces per package.
1/2" (Large): Catalog #322-CT-001   $2.05
1/4" (Small): Catalog #323-CT-002   $2.05
CUSTOM FREE-FORM BASES: We can make bases to your configuration in 1", 1-1/2" or 2" thick black walnut.  Please call us for a quote, or send us your pattern.  Please be sure to mark the top of your pattern as "TOP" or "Working Surface".
MINI ROUNDS range in size from 2-3/4" to 4". They are lathe-turned bases in thicknesses of 1", 1-1/2" and 2". Available with a recessed or flat surface, each has a different edge (no two are exactly like). Finished with 6 to 8 coats of hand applied oil finish. Made upon request.
Size:Order Number:
2"     311-MR-02 (1" Thick) or #314-MR-02T (1-1/2" Thick)
3"     312-MR-03 (1" Thick) or #315-MR-03T (1-1/2" Thick) or #317-MR-03ET
4"    313-MR-04 (1" Thick) or #316-MR-04T (1-1/2" Thick) or #318-MR-04ET

Habitat Media in assorted Bases
Custom Free-Form Bases
Blue Ribbon Bases offers a full line of accessory items, as well as many custom services.
Display even your most valuable antique decoys on our Decoy Holders, and your flat and full body birds on our decorative Pedistal Stands! Other styles available, see Catalog for details.
Decorative Pedistal Stand:  Order #350-DPS-100
Decoy Holders:
Order #356-DH-Acrylic
        #357-DH-BW (Black Walnut)
        #358-DH/BW-Oval (Black Walnut, Oval)
Black Walnut Decoy Holder
Custom Award Base
Various Displays

Loon by John Strutt on 2" Thick 
Round Turntable Base
Football Award Jason Elam - Denver Broncos on 12" Round, 2" Thick Base
Casting by Steve LeBlanc, Prarie West Studios
Assorted 2" Thick Porkchops, Round, Nonagon and Oval